Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Top 3 Skincare Products!

 Hi guys!
It's been such a long time since I've posted on my blog due to the piles of work I've had to do, but Spot The Beauty is back again! :)

This post is about my personal favourite products that I have been using quite a lot!

First of all is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter. When I first bought it, I had heard so many positive reviews about it, and I'd thought I'd give it a try because at the time, I had quite dry skin. After about a month of use, I really noticed a difference on my skin! It literally does what it says! My skin felt so moisturised and also the appearance of my stretch marks had faded. I would say that if you want to use this for stretch marks, you would need to use it regularly because you won't see results within a week!

My second favourite is Johnson's Daily Essentials Cleansing Lotion from their face care range. It makes my skin feel smoother and refreshed and it wasn't as drying to my skin as I thought it would be! I use this when I want to get any make up remnants off my face and before I go to bed.

Lastly, my third favourite is the Vaseline Lip Therapy with cocoa butter. When I first used this I was just in love with the smell! It makes my lips feel so soft,and keeps them moisturised for long, which is needed especially in the cold weather!

I'd love to know what your top 3 skincare products are! Comment your 3 ( or more!) down below :)
 Hope you all have a great weekend,

Spot The Beauty